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Fish on Ganci


The Fishmonger Lawrance was born from the initiative of its owner Roy Lawrance who, starting from afar, managed to achieve his professional goals.

Born in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in 1967, he lived a quiet childhood and adolescence.
After the start of the civil war, in 1983, the family situation changes and he decides to embark as a sailor on cargo ships, to financially support his loved ones.

During one of these trips he decides to settle in Italy, specifically in Milan, where he works in catering.
Later he found a job at an important fish company in Brianza.
Thanks to his employer and his enthusiasm, in 12 years, he manages to progress professionally.
In the meantime he gets married and has a son.

In the 2000s he moved to Switzerland, always in the same professional sphere.
In 2015 he decided to open his own fishmonger in Locarno, supported by extensive experience. In a short time, from the small shop in Locarno, it moved to Giubiasco in larger spaces.

The new headquarters allows us to supply fresh and quality products requested by various customers from all over Ticino and beyond the Gotthard in quicker times and on a daily basis.

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